Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Chosen Nightmare Lives!

So, a week ago I decided not to publish my erotic blasphemous graphic novel & art book “The Chosen Nightmare” because of concerns over content and the way it could be misperceived but after long discussions with my creative partner, featured model and my wife Liz LaPoint, we decided we had worked too hard not to release it so we sat down and edited a version that would satisfy the vision and the message.

There is an extended cut and I will be selling 5 copies of it for those interested in the longer story but the edition we are releasing is the “theatrical cut” and the story we want to tell.

I have shared a lot of images on my OnlyFans & my social media of possible images from the book but some of those images were ideas and not definitive story elements. I will continue to post those on my OnlyFans and they might end up in the extended cut but that won’t get a wide release anytime soon.

I would be interested in releasing a extended cut with a publisher but that version would be almost 400 pages and since self publishing isnt highly profitable, (the profit margin for the standard version of “The Chosen Nightmare” is so thin that selling it for $129 doesnt net much for our efforts) I am going to wait a see if any are interested.

So, if you are a fan or supporter of our work and have waited to own a copy of this book, you now can.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Chosen Nightmare - Waking Up From a Dream

As many of you know, I have been working on my photo art graphic novel "The Chosen Nightmare" for about a year, and recently finished an edit of it.

My intention was to release it in July, but that was pending on a review with featured Model Liz LaPoint (also my wife) about the content and how people would perceive it, and whether or not people would understand the social message amidst the sexuality and dark themes, and we decided together not to do a general release of the book.

I have always said I would not release a version of the book that was creatively compromised, and that is what it has come down to. It is important to us as artists and compassionate human beings that we aren't misunderstood, and there are very real concerns that some people would not understand the context of the imagery nor would they comprehend the overall message.

I am not ashamed of the book, and in fact love it very much. It is dark, erotic, weird and surreal. My models delivered brave performances and I worked tirelessly on it.

That said, it is not completely dead. I am going to privately sell 5 copies of it, and that is it!

The 5 copies will come with props from the shoot and will be autographed and contain a lot of extra stuff that wasn't going to be in the edit I just finished.

It will be 8"x10" and around 300 pages.

If you are interested in obtaining one of the five copies, please message me or email me at

(Adults Only - Contains Nudity, Graphic Sexual Situations & Violence.)