Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Chosen Nightmare - Spring Update - The Tragedy & Beauty of Choices

Humans often choose things that harm them or have painful repercussions and consequences. All too frequently, people know their choices will alter their direction negatively but the momentary pleasure or joy their action gives them, overrides the impulse of self preservation. If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger... or at the very least you learn a lesson that you won't repeat.

The beauty of the human mind and condition is that we evolve from our experiences, individually and collectively. 

"The Chosen Nightmare" began as a visual horror story about religious sexual oppression, but has grown in its scope, thanks to a lot of cultural shifts such as the "Me Too" movement and the cultural growing pains we are witnessing in society. 

I don't believe art should be restricted or altered to make people comfortable. 

"The Chosen Nightmare" is a visual art collage mixing photography and art, and is a unflinching examination of religion, sexuality and psychology. Creating this story has been difficult at times since it does feature my wife at her most vulnerable and exposed.

Modeling, like acting, is about portraying mood and character, and sometimes it requires the performer to go to great lengths, and Liz LaPoint (and Model and Actor Luke Gardiner) went the extra mile to deliver performances that perfectly supported my hard-hitting vision.

My intention is to release a limited edition uncensored version of "The Chosen Nightmare" and a standard edition which will be less graphic and have a leaner version of the story, but it will be very difficult to release any version which is toned down or censored because the story I need and want to tell is the full version. 

This project is the summation of my life's influences and experiences, and contains the most important message any of my work has even contained. In many ways it is about the oppression of women, but it is also about oppression of artists and free expression and speech. 

My goal is to release the book by Halloween, but I am going to shop it to publishers first so we shall see. Subscribe to my OnlyFans page for updates, sneak previews and more of my art for uncompromising adults.