Thursday, December 7, 2017

"The Chosen Nightmare" - New Horror Fantasy Art Book Coming Soon!

It has been a couple of weeks since our five week shoot for my book "The Chosen Nightmare" (Written, Photographed & Illustrated by myself and featuring Models Liz LaPoint & Luke Gardiner) wrapped and I am still processing what an amazing adventure it was. I feel like we pushed boundaries and shattered conventions in some unique ways to deliver an uncompromising story unlike anything that has been done before.

The graphic novel will contain no story text, and is completely a visual journey mixing photography and illustrations and mixed media. It started as a screenplay for a possible experimental horror fantasy film and is now a book, but we are discussing the possibility of making it a feature film or selling the rights. (Liz has indicated that no amount of money could convince her to star in a film version of it since she insists she is not an actor, but I am sure Luke Gardiner would love to reprise his role.) 

I will be editing and illustrating the book for the next several months, and will be approaching brave publishers to distribute the book, or I will self-publish it if I cannot find someone willing to release it uncensored in all of its hellish glory!

There will be a $50 version and a $500 dollar version of "The Chosen Nightmare". 

The $50 standard edition will simply be the story and will include an essay by myself & Liz LaPoint on making the project. 

The $500 Director's Cut will be an extended & uncensored version of the story, with essays, the original script, production notes, and unused concept art and erotic art. There will only be 5 copies of the "Director's Cut and each one will come signed by myself and Liz LaPoint and will come with one of the outfits or props from "The Chosen Nightmare". The extended version is for adults only and contains graphic nudity, extreme graphic sexuality, violence and horror. 

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