Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Finally Uncensored!

I have been photographing models for nearly 20 years and have literally thousands and thousands of images that have never been seen by the public. On top of working with interesting and unique models, both male and female, I have worked for the last 7 years with Model & Advice Blogger Liz La Point.

Making art doesn't always pay the bills, and though my work has been available in books, fine art prints and through my t-shirt company Art Bomb Tees LLC, I have long been searching for a way to share my uncensored and unseen work with people who have requested access to it.

I have recently started an OnlyFans account so that people who want to see my work without the typical censorship of social media like Facebook and Instagram, can finally enjoy it for the small monthly membership of $10 a month.

I am so thrilled with this new platform that I will almost exclusively be posting my work there so sign up and enjoy.


Monday, February 6, 2017

The Changes You Seek Happen When You Make It!

People often complain about being poor or broke, and about their health issues and things that are bringing them down, and many don't realize they have the ability to easily change their life in a matter of days.

Vices that are killing people, like smoking and drinking, if abused or used regularly, can cost about $20 a day (cigarettes and alcohol) and end up costing the average American about $7,000 a year on the low side. Think about what you could do with $7,000. If you literally quit drinking and smoking, you will live longer, be healthier and happier, and could purchase a nice used car within a year or something you need that will help your life.

The same goes for what we eat. If you stop going to high end coffee shops every single day and spend $7 for a fancy coffee drink and a bagel, you could save $2,555 a year.

All the ways we spend money on little, unhealthy things add up to major health and financial issues.

I have been selling things on eBay after watching the excellent, and inspiring documentary, The Minimalists. DVDs, books, and souvenirs that I don't actually use regularly are leaving our home and creating more space and harmony in their absence.

I have been guilty of spending money foolishly, not budgeting my time, and of consuming things that are unhealthy and damaging to my body, but by being focused and minimizing my waste in all areas of my life, I have started to make substantial changes to my health and finances that are making me a happier person.

We will make excuses in life for not doing something because it is "hard" or "inconvenient" but getting cancer or facing financial ruin is harder and more inconvenient than anything I can think of that I have named.

My time is my most precious commodity. I want to make sure I balance it with family, work, art and things that bring me peace. I am finding I am enjoying my life more by making healthier choices (for me that means no meat, no alcohol, less sugar and fat, and more sleep.) I have also become a coconut water fanatic and switched from coffee to tea to reduce inflammation.

I have a family I adore, a full time job I love, a t-shirt company, and write and make art in the remaining time I have.

By reducing the time I am on social media like Facebook (the land of bitching and whining) the more time I have to devote to my family, job, business and art.

I also say "NO" more because too often we agree to things that we know won't help us or the person asking, but we feel obligated.

2017 has already been so productive and positive because I refuse to live any other way ever again.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Defender & Supporter of the Arts

Photography is the gift of freezing time, and of documenting life, good, bad and ugly.

Most artists would love to avoid politics and getting wrapped up in cultural battles, so we can have our time devoted to realizing our visions, but in a world where evil oppressors will take advantage of the poor, the weak and the sleeping, we have to shine our lenses, paint brushes and performances on injustice and those who prey on those who can't defend themselves.

If artists want the freedom to create, we have to use our art to fight against those who want to silence our creative voices, and if we don't, we face censorship and possibly worse.

I often explore free speech and censorship in my work, since I have been attacked by both sides of the political spectrum because they don't like what I do. (One such idiot and her henchmen, have made a funny little game out of harassing my wife and I over our nude photography because they feel like it hurts women. They waged a multi-year campaign that included negative reviews online under aliases, of my photography which led to me losing work in the small community I live in. Some have suggested I ignore the idiot and forget about it, but the damage it did to my reputation was significant enough that my ability to earn an income was infringed and I don't tolerate bullies, so I am pursuing recourse against the individual(s).)

My detailed account of my battle with censoring trolls will be posted soon, but my intention in this post is to address the blending of art & politics in the current conservative cultural climate under our new "president."

It is hard enough for artists to make a living in the age of digital piracy and an over abundance of new artists, but we all find ways of making our work pay even in the smallest ways.

It is typically not a good idea to take a stance politically when you are in business, and art is a business (I sell books of my work, and t-shirts for my company Art Bomb Tees, but not enough to buy a car or house, by any means.)

Though I didn't think Trump's win was a good thing for our country, I was going to remain optimistic until I had reason for concern, but in less than a week, Donald Trump and his cronies gave us all plenty of reason for concern. He attacked the arts, immigration, and women's rights and environmental protections almost instantly, and the nation rose up with a resounding "WTF, dude!?!"

Living in a bubble is proven to produce small-minded, idiotic behavior. We need the cultural cross-pollination that immigrants provide, and locking down the United States so that only Christian whites have a majority voice is against everything that makes this country so amazing.

Donald Trump's Divided States of America takes the slow burning hate and unrest that has been stewing since a black man won office and has turned it into a movement, the tea party part has devolved into the more obvious and revolting alt right movement, which is really just a thinly veiled moniker for the New Nazi Party.

Now, the ultimate weapon against hate is love and education, and artists everywhere need to use their tools to spread that message and bring America to a new level of acceptance and tolerance.

So, for those of you have enjoyed many years of fine art nude photography from me, we will be interrupting the flow of erotic art, nudes and fine art conceptual work to bring you some protests from time to time against oppression.

I might create some graphic and controversial work from time to time, but aside from being an artist who creates work for adults, I wear many other hats, and one of those hats is as a father, and I want my child to grow up in a country that celebrates diversity and that protects the rights and freedoms of all people, regardless of where they were born.

The United States of America has always been an asylum for the rebels, the thinkers, and the freedom fighters, and we must maintain that delicate balance for the potential and protection of our planet's future. There is more at stake here than what can be trusted to a bunch of rich, white dudes whose decisions and actions won't affect them because of their advanced age, but it sure as hell is going to have a dire and dangerous impact on our children.

Don't apologize for your opposing point of view and don't be afraid to let it be known, but be respectful and peaceful. We win by taking the high road, and we win by advocating equality and peace.