Thursday, October 19, 2017

Artist Contest - The Chosen Nightmare

I have been leaning towards having a guest artist / pin-ups section at the back of my new graphic novel “The Chosen Nightmare” and am inviting other artists to collaborate since I’ve now been approached multiple times by artists wanting to contribute. 

 I have been trying to think of a way to set up a loose guideline for the subject matter and I think I have something. 

I don't want to reveal the plot of the story, but the summation of it is Liz plays a character who wakes up on the top floor of an abandoned building with no recollection of how she got there. She descends each floor but encounters some nightmarish things on the way, so what I thought I would do is set up a guideline for the feature which I am calling "Choosing the Nightmare" and let artists interpret a non-violent, but scary/sexy nightmare featuring Liz, in or out of the Sailor/SchoolGirl uniform she wears in the story. So, it could be her being pursued by a monster, wolf man, sea monster, ghosts, etc… 

Deadline to submit is December 31st 2017. It is a non-paid inclusion, and artists will have to sign a release giving me permission to use their work in the book and for promotion, but they will be credited and receive a free 30 day membership to my OnlyFans for submitting. Three Artists will be randomly chosen to receive a signed copy of the book. Not all images submitted will be included in the book, due to the potential volume of submissions. Direct Message me on my Twitter or email me at for more info or further questions. 

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